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Male #3 is Fawn that was on born on 1/30/2023 . All of our puppies will be fully vaccinated & ready for their forever homes by 8 weeks (3/27/2023) at the earliest but we do prefer waiting until 10 weeks (4/10/2023) for the puppies to have the proper amount of time to mature , and ween from their mother.


Location : Kansas City Mo

Willing to travel


Included with puppy:

-Akc Registered

-1 year health gurantee


-basic toy

-bag of dog food

Male #3

Sales Tax Included

Deposits are non refundable 

Puppies are guranteed for 12 months from fatal and life threatening congenital diseases. This includes , severe hip dysplasia, which would require surgery to correct , kidney , heart, pancreas, spine and liver problems of a severe and life threatening nature. I will require a written report from a licensed vet stating the findings , if the dog dies within 12 months the seller will replace the puppy as long as the vets reasoning states it was congenital. This will not cover death if the puppies die under anesthesia. This does not cover colds , coccidia or other parasites which are easily treatable. Buyer understands that French Bulldogs have special considerations and this requires a vet skilled with this type of breed. All puppies must be returned before replacement puppy is given. Buyer Pays all shipping costs for replacement puppy. Buyer understands that French Bulldogs can have certain conditions which are frequently seen such as cherry eye , entropian and ectropian eye lids , loose hips or knees and allergies. Buyer understands these are inherient of the Bulldog breed & are not covered within this gurantee. 

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