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Who Are We?

Frenchie Whisperers

Feuer Frenchies LLC opened its doors in 2022 with a mission to feed animal lovers’ needs. Our dedication to customers’ animals is why we hand pick and research every item stocked on our shelves, allowing customers to be at ease when making a purchase online! Shop online today and browse our selection of top-quality pet supplies.

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Our Frenchies Have:

Superior health 

Potty training

A well-balanced nature

Puppy shots

Social skills with children and other dogs

Training for good manners

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Our Puppy First Approach

Feuer Frenchies is a reputable French Bulldog adoption center that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of our puppies above everything else. From the moment they are born, we provide our puppies with proper nutrition, medical care, and socialization. We prioritize their health and wellbeing by providing them with regular checkups, vaccinations, high-quality food, and a comfortable, clean living environment. Our puppies receive plenty of love, attention, and playtime, which helps them develop strong bonds with humans and other animals. We also support initiatives that promote animal welfare, such as working with local shelters and rescue organizations to provide homes for dogs in need.

Our commitment to the puppies' health and wellbeing is reflected in our comprehensive care process. We believe that healthy puppies make happy homes, and we take every step to ensure that our puppies are healthy and happy throughout their lives. We are passionate about promoting animal welfare and believe that every dog deserves a loving home. At Feuer Frenchies, we are dedicated to ensuring that our puppies find forever homes where they can thrive and be happy.

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  • What is the adoption process like for your French bulldogs?
    1. Choose your furbaby To receive adoption details for the puppy you're interested in, please contact us. You can get to know your potential pet via video chat, and connect with their family by joining the Feuer Frenchie Family Facebook group. 2. Fill out paperwork & deposit Once you've made your decision to adopt, we'll provide you with a health guarantee, adoption contract, and invoice. To secure your puppy, we require an initial deposit of 50%, which you can pay conveniently and securely through Stripe or PayPal. 3. Shipping and paperwork arranged We offer transportation for your puppy to most international airports worldwide, taking care of all the necessary arrangements including microchipping, passport issuance, health certification, and flight ticket booking. 4. Say hello to your Feuer Frenchie To prepare for your Feuer Frenchie's arrival, please ensure that you have the appropriate food, snacks, water, and a towel ready to welcome them at the airport. If you need any assistance with these preparations, we are more than happy to help.
  • Are your French bulldogs up-to-date on their vaccinations and health checks?
    Yes, all of our French Bulldogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations, deworming, and preventative care. We also provide medical records for each dog at the time of adoption.
  • Can I meet the French bulldog before making a decision to adopt?
    Yes, we encourage potential adopters to schedule Facetime/Zoom calls to see the French Bulldog they are interested in before making a decision to adopt. We want to ensure that both the dog and the adopter are a good match for each other.
  • How much is the adoption fee, and what does it include?
    Our adoption fee for French Bulldogs varies depending on the age and health of the dog. The fee includes basic veterinary care, spay/neuter, microchip, and a starter pack of supplies.
  • Do you have any advice for first-time French bulldog owners?
    We recommend that first-time French Bulldog owners research the breed thoroughly and make sure that they are prepared to handle the specific needs and characteristics of French Bulldogs. They require a lot of love and attention and may have some health issues that need special care. We recommend you like our facebook group and mailing list to stay up to date on all furry friend needs.
  • What is the personality and temperament of French bulldogs like?
    French Bulldogs are known for being affectionate, playful, and loyal. They have a calm temperament, which makes them great family pets. They are also known for being stubborn at times, so proper training is important.
  • Are French bulldogs good with children and other pets?
    Yes, French Bulldogs are good with children and other pets. They are affectionate and gentle, and they love to be around people. However, as with any breed, proper socialization and training are important to ensure that they get along well with others.
  • What kind of care and maintenance do French bulldogs require?
    French Bulldogs require daily exercise, a balanced diet, regular grooming, and veterinary care. They are also prone to some health issues, such as allergies, hip dysplasia, and breathing problems, so it's important to monitor their health closely.
  • Do you offer any ongoing support or resources for new French bulldog owners?
    Yes, we offer ongoing support and resources for new French Bulldog owners. We provide educational materials, advice on training and behavior, and access to veterinary care.
  • How do you match French bulldogs with potential adopters?
    We match French Bulldogs with potential adopters based on their lifestyle, personality, and preferences. We want to make sure that the dog and the adopter are a good match for each other to ensure a successful adoption.

If you have any questions about adopting your furry friend please read below.



Feuer Frenchies make life pawsitively awesome!

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Our Happy Families

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